3D art gallery online basic plans

Basic (Free)

One room with 4 walls.

Uploads Allowed:

1 Wall with Text.

1 Wall with 6 Pictures.

1 Wall with 6 Pictures.

1 Wall with 6 Pictures.



3d Art Exhibition Golden Plans


One room with 4 walls.

Uploads Allowed:

1 Wall with Text.

1 Wall with 6 Pictures.

1 Wall with 6 albums (each with 12 pictures).

1 Wall with 6 Vidoes (each less than 50MB OR youtube links).

Virtual art gallery premium plans

Premium (Platinum)

Two connected rooms with 8 walls

Upload Allowed: Docs/Files

Two Walls with Text.

Two Walls with 12 Pictures.

Three Walls with 18 albums (each with 12 pictures).

Two Walls each with 6 Videos (each less than 50MB OR you-tube links).

3D Art Exhibition

3D art is defined as art with all the dimensions of height, width, and depth, such as sculptures. Eternal3d.com takes this concept to a new level by allowing 2D art to be shown in a 3D environment in the form of virtual Galleries. Unlike 2D art, it occupies more physical space and can be viewed and interpreted from all sides and angles. In terms of 3D exhibitions, hundreds of institutions, along with Eternal3d.com, have made 3D tours of their galleries available online. These virtual exhibitions are an exciting way of promoting individual artists, art events, galleries, and cultural spaces to a worldwide audience.

3D Art Exhibition:- Discover Our Exhibition Plans!

The online museums and 3D exhibits can have pictures, videos, and picture albums in addition to voice files that can be played to explain further the online museums and art exhibit or for additional comments. If you want to create your 3D exhibitions about art, person, place, event, or anything else interesting, you can upload pictures, albums, and videos to walls in the 3D exhibit. The basic plan consists of one room with four Walls. One Wall for Text and three Walls for pictures, with six images in each.

The Golden Medium Plan consists again of one room with four Walls. One Wall for Text: One Wall can carry six Pictures. One Wall can hold six albums (each with 12 pictures). One Wall with six Videos (each less than 50MB OR youtube links).

The premium best plan consists of two connected rooms with eight Walls total. Two Walls for Text. Two Walls that can carry 12 Pictures. Three Walls that have up to 18 albums (each with 12 pictures). Two Walls, each with 6 Videos (each less than 50MB OR youtube links).

Eternal 3D: Your Complete Virtual Exhibition Stop Shop!

Eternal3D.com is a website that provides a platform for creating and exploring numerous 3D exhibitions and virtual galleries related to people, biographies, art, history, and culture.

You can create a virtual exhibition that best reflects your loved one or host a virtual memorial or celebration of life. The exhibitions can be viewed in 3D through the eyes of a virtual avatar or in simple 2D. First, create a profile by registering through the app or the web. After choosing your membership plan, use the web or the app to upload pictures and videos. For example, in the basic plan, you can upload 18 photos in png or jpg format. You can also add voice files and pdf files. For the golden and premium plans, you can add videos and albums. Each album can contain 12 pictures. The process is simple and to the point. You can also modify the content later on. After you are done, take a journey into virtual reality and visit your museum or 3D exhibit.

Explore Our 3D Art Exhibition:- Suffice your 3D Art Exhibition Needs!

Eternal 3D App is a place to preserve personal and historical memories in virtual 3D. You can view the online museums and 3D art exhibits with the online Google and Apple stores apps or the web version to explore numerous online museums and 3D art exhibitions. The exhibitions can be viewed in 3D or virtual reality using a virtual joystick and FPS view.

Online museums and 3D art exhibits can have pictures, videos, and picture albums. Also, voice files can be played to explain further the online museums and art exhibits or for additional comments.

3D Exhibitions

3D Exhibitions are convenient and accessible, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration of the show. These online 3D galleries can last a week, or a month, or even exist as a permanent exhibition that can be regularly updated. Online exhibitions reach collectors all over the world who, despite not being able to visit the physical location, can access a rich and interactive experience remotely.

Visitors to the online 3D mausoleum can wrap up the eulogy with words of comfort by listening to voice files.They might speak of the person's admirable traits, the lessons they taught you about life, or their influence on you and other people. The visitor can bid them a final farewell virtually if he cannot be there by writing on their wall. Hence, the user can unite all the family members in the desire to show respect for the loved one who probably was the very essence of compassion, duty, style, and beauty. We will all feel cheated always that he or she was taken from us yet we must learn to be grateful that they came along at all.

3D Art Gallery Online

Although online mausoleums, 3D exhibitions and 3D online art galleries have been available for years, the latest technology gives individuals, students, artists and event promoters creative control over the virtual environment. A wide variety of virtual gallery interiors are available and can even recreate an existing physical space if desired. The ability to customize wall pictures, albums, wall videos, and voice files allows you to reflect your personal style and integrate cohesive design elements.

Magic occurs in the area between reality and illusion. They accidentally slide into each other at that precise moment, creating a sublime encounter that defies both time and memory. The benefits of presenting in 3D include the ability to compare virtual artworks side by side to get a sense of scale and impact of each piece in a space.

3D Art Gallery

Visitors to the online 3D art gallery can navigate different rooms at will, and select works to view up close. A curator can get ready for a real exhibition by first arranging various works of art on an interactive, virtual replica. An art on a virtual and interactive replica. They can make final selections and choose the order in which art will be hung in the show, then preview it online. This is a time and money-saving planning system that eliminates needless handling of artwork. Collectors are increasingly buying exquisite art pieces from the comfort of their homes. Another method of doing business is to create and host an online auction using a virtual exhibition app. The options are essentially limitless. This technology offers visitors the chance to overlay a favorite work of art on their living room or other desired space as a personalized service when viewing the exhibition on a mobile device. The visitor is actively engaged with the artist's work when they can see the piece of art they are considering on their own wall, which makes taking the next step much simpler.