FAQ- How do I maneuver?In the Web , navigate using W,A,S,D or Arrow keys along with the mouse to change direction. In the app, see intructions. 

-Where should I start first?

Start by choosing the profile option from the right upper drop down menu.

-What are the steps that I should I follow?First, choose your plan. Then fill in the info for the exhibition including Name, User and DOB. Upload a user picture.

Second, choose if you want the profile to be public or private and if it should be linked to other profiles/ exhibitions.

Third, activate the candles if you want.

Fourth, go to the main menu and upload photos to the photo section and the album section.

Fifth , upoload audios in MP3 format, videos links or MP4 files, and write text on the first wall (see below for rules on writing in the text boxes).

Then test your profile by clicking on show my public profile.

- How many plans are there ?

There are 3 plans basic , golden, and premium.

- Why do the data get deleted when you change your plan?

When you change your plan, data are not transferable in the database.

- How to upload data to your plan?

Follow the tabs on top of your prfile:1- Upload Text under Edit Text tab2- Upload pictures3- Upload Pictures to Albums of applicable4- Upload Vidoes if applicable5- Upload  Audio6- Upload Audio Files


- What videos format are supported?Videos should be MP4 and be lessthan 50MB or through youtube links. Use the full link from the address box. Example :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GuKNaJgrD4

- Can you I make my exhibition or museum private ?

You can choose in your profile to make your exhibition public or private. If you choose to make it private , please select a password.

- Can I link my exhibition to another profile?

You can link your exhibition to 2 profiles by copy and pasting the url link to the assigned boxes in the profile.

-Where can I get data for my exhibition?

We have used youtube, google search and text to voice converter along with some websites like biography.com and Wikepedia.

- How to delete my profile ?

Go to profile and scroll to the bottom and choose to delete profile. 

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