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1) Alice Neel, born in Merion Square, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1900 to October 13, 1984 (aged 84), was a visual artist, who was known for her portraits depicting friends, family, lovers, poets, etc.

2) After three years of work, taking art classes by night in Philadelphia, she enrolled in the fine art program at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women (now Moore College of Art & Design) in 1921.

3) In her student works she rejected impressionism, the popular style at the time, and instead embraced the Ashcan School of Realism. It is believed this influence came from Robert Henri.

4) With the loss of husband & child, she suffered a massive nervous breakdown & continued to paint. During the Depression, she was one of the first artists to work for the Works Progress Administration.

5) The summer of 1930 was a period in her life she described "as one of her most productive" because she painted her earliest female nudes. She "satirized the notion & the standards of the female body.

6) In 1979, President Jimmy Carter presented her with a National Women's Caucus for Art award for outstanding achievement. Her work was included in 2022 at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

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