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AncientEgyptPaintings_Artist Exhibition

AncientEgyptPaintings_Artist Exhibition

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1) While the Egyptians ruled for over 3,000 years, their art and painting did not change very much. The tombs of the pharaohs were covered in colorful representations of the one who had passed.

2) The paint that the Egyptians used was colored or dyed using minerals that were naturally found in their area and some that they imported.

3) The paintings were often made with the intent of making a pleasant afterlife for the deceased. The themes included journey in afterworld or deities introducing the deceased to Gods of the underworld.

4) The heads profiles were shown so that the nose, forehead, and chin are clearly seen. Also, the Hips, legs, and feet were drawn by profile.

5) To show that the figure was walking, the figure would have the other leg exposed. The only difference in from all of the profile representations is that the torso of the figure is fully frontal.

6) They used this to depict royalty and other dignitaries. When they would represent regular people, they would have them engaged in active tasks so it seems more lifelike to our standards.

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