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1) Jackson, like Lincoln, was a self-taught frontier lawyer. Jackson was taken in by his uncles after he was orphaned during the Revolutionary War.

2) He served in Congress at a young age. Jackson was Tennessee first representative in the House, taking office in 1796. He quit after nine months to become a senator, but quit that job after 7 months.

3) Jackson was also a self-taught military leader. His victory, along with his militia at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814, led to lead the US Army to defeat the British at New Orleans.

4) Jackson fought the Indians, but adopted two as children. After the War of 1812, Jackson led military forces against the Indians and was involved in treaties that led to the relocation of Indians.

5) Jackson had a long history of dueling. Jackson killed a man in a duel, and in the lifetime of Jackson, he was involved in at least a dozen duels.

6) He is the father of the modern Democratic Party and he is the one who pushed for the president to be elected directly by the people.



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