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1) August Robert Ludwig Macke, born in Meschede, German Empire on January 3, 1887 to September 26, 1914 (age 27), was a German Expressionist painter.

2) He was one of the leading members of the German Expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider). He knew how to intergrade the elements of avant-garde into his work.

3) The first artistic works to make an impression as a boy were his father's drawings, the Japanese prints and the work of Arnold Bocklin which he saw on a visit to Basel in 1900.

4) His style was formed within the mode of French Impressionism & Post-impressionism & later went through a Fauve period. The exotic atmosphere of Tunisia later created the luminist approach to his work.

5) Like his friend Franz Marc and Otto Soltau, he was one of the young German artists who died in the First World War at the front in Champagne, France on September 26, 1914.

6) His final painting, Farewell, depicts the mood of gloom that settled after the outbreak of war. This was also the same year that he painted the famous painting 'Turkisches Cafe in Munchen' (1914).

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