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BayaMahieddine_Artist Exhibition

BayaMahieddine_Artist Exhibition

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1) One of Algeria most celebrated artists, Baya Mahieddine is famous for the iconic work that would inspire Picasso to paint a collection called Women of Algeria.

2) As a self taught artist, Baya retained the connection to tribal art that so fascinated the Western world, and actively rejected any form of classification, instead drawing on personal memories.

3) Instead of following the typically Western models of art production that were being taught at the time, the young Baya drew on her own personal experiences and imaginings alongside her tribal heritage

4) Inspired by her spontaneity and natural talent, Picasso invited her to work with him in 1948. She was the elusive untaught artist that gave Picasso fresh perspective.

5) Like Picasso, Andre Breton was greatly inspired by Baya work. He found the bold colors and strange figures of her works revealed surrealist and dream-like qualities.

6) She is credited for resolutely proclaiming her Algerian identity, evidenced by her refusal to leave the country during political instability, despite an invitation from France.

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