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1) Berthe Marie Pauline Morisot, born in Bourges, Cher, France on January 14, 1841 to March 2, 1895 (aged 54), was a French painter & a member of the circle of painters in Paris named the Impressionists.

2) She & her sisters were taught privately by Geoffroy-Alphonse Chocarne and Joseph Guichard. They were invited by Guichard to the Louvre gallery where they learned by copying paintings.

3) She found oil painting difficult from 1870 to 1874, & worked mostly in watercolor. Her choice of colors is rather restrained but she was able to create a translucent atmosphere and feathery touch.

4) She was influenced by photography and Japonisme. Her paintings were often labeled as being full of "feminine charm" by male critics, for their elegance and lightness.

5) She painted what she experienced on a daily basis. Most of her paintings include domestic scenes of family, children, ladies, & flowers, depicting what women's life was like in the late 19th century.

6) Her works averaged 250 francs, highest at 480. In February 2013, Morisot became the highest priced female artist, when After Lunch (1881), sold for $10.9 million at a Christie's auction.

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