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BorisKustodiev_Artist Exhibition

BorisKustodiev_Artist Exhibition

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1) Boris Mikhaylovich Kustodiev, born in Astrakhan, Russian Empire on March 7, 1878 to May 28, 1927 (age 49), was a Russian and Soviet painter and stage designer.

2) Kustodiev's first impressions of the way of life were formed from the provincial merchant class. The rich and plentiful merchant life allowed him to recreate them later in oils and watercolors.

3) Between 1893 & 1896, Kustodiev studied in theological seminary & took private art lessons in Astrakhan. He also attended the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and studied sculpture.

4) The Russian Revolution of 1905 shook the foundations of society & evoked a vivid response in his soul. He contributed to the satirical journals Zhupel (Bugbear) & Adskaya Pochta (Hell's Mail).

5) In 1916, he became paraplegic. His ability to remain joyful & lively despite his paralysis amazed others. He worked with great inspiration in various fields. Contemporary themes became a basis for him

6) He was also interested in designing stage scenery. In 1911, his first work was the sets for Alexander Ostrovsky's An Ardent Heart. He joined the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia in 1923.

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