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1) Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, born in Blakrog, Denmark on January 2, 1783 to July 22, 1853 (age 70), was a Danish painter.

2) He went on to lay the foundation for the period of art known as the Golden Age of Danish Painting, and is referred to as the "Father of Danish painting."

3) He painted historical paintings, portraits and landscapes. He also worked to earn living money as a hand laborer, and he made drawings for copperplate etchings.

4) He was commissioned to do a number of historical paintings for Christiansborg Palace, as well as altarpieces. Marine paintings were another genre he created with great interest; had passion for ships.

5) He was also admitted as a member of the Academy in October 1817, and was named professor there in 1818. Among his students were: Wilhelm Bendz, Carl Dahl, Julius Exner & many others.

6) He developed an increasing interest in perspective on account of his marine paintings. He wrote a dissertation on the subject called 'Linear perspective used in the art of painting.'

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