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ClaudeRaguetHirst_Artist Exhibition

ClaudeRaguetHirst_Artist Exhibition

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1) Claude Raguet Hirst, born in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 1855 to 1942 (aged 87), was an American painter of still lifes.

2) In a 1940 interview with the Villager, Hirst recalled starting painting lessons at the age of ten and attending dance school alongside a young William Howard Taft.

3) In 1874, Hirst enrolled in the McMicken School of Drawing & Design where she took classes in 3D drawing & wood carving. Her works were exhibited in the Women's Pavilion 1876 Centennial Exposition.

4) She was one of the few women to employ trompe l'oeil during the Victorian Era. She used this technique in hyper realism and masculine iconography. She incorporated books, candles, newspapers, & pipes.

5) She spent the rest of her career focusing on library table compositions. While she was commissioned by a men's club, she offers subtle criticism of the male pursuit of gambling & drinking.

6) Most of the bottles are empty, implying that heavy drinking has taken place. The sugar cubes suggest that one of the liquors is 'absinthe.' The cards strewn on the table create a sense of disarray.

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