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CordeliaUrueta_Artist Exhibition

CordeliaUrueta_Artist Exhibition

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1) Cordelia Urueta Sierra born Sept 16, 1908 and died on Nov 3, 1995 was a Mexican artist best known for her use of color and abstraction but still retaining frequent reference to the human form.

2) She was born into an intellectual and artistic family, related to painter David Alfaro Siqueiros and educator Justo Sierra.

3) Urueta did not remember when she began to draw but it was mostly to copy the art she saw in the books, with works by Tiziano being her favorite. Her father then hired the best painting teacher.

4) She was a painter, teacher, diplomat and art promoter and a founding member of the Salon de la Plastica Mexicana. Her artistic development was to strive

5) to find her own style and she succeeded in creating a number of novelties, such as figures that eventually disappeared, ceding importance to textures and color.

6) She felt that the use of color best expressed her emotions, with her work best noted for its use of color, considered to be one of Mexico Great Coloristas. Her later work became more abstract.

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