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1) Daoud Corm 1852 to 1930, David Corm in English, was an influential Lebanese painter and the father of writer, industrialist and philanthropist Charles Corm.

2) He was a teacher and mentor to the young Khalil Gibran as well as Khalil Saleeby and Habib Srour. In 1870 he went to Rome and enrolled at the Accademia di San Luca.

3) In 1912, Corm expanded his artistic enterprise and its public appeal when he opened Maison d'Art, an art supply store and art studio centrally located near Beirut's post office.

4) Corm exhibited his work abroad in Egypt and Europe, most notably at the 1889 Versailles Exhibition in France and at the 1900 Paris Exhibition, where he received the Prize of Honor of Excellence.

5) During his formative years in Rome, Corm spent much of his time in the city's museums copying the facial expressions and hand gestures of the Renaissance masters' works.

6) Corm painted his subjects in a three-quarter view in soft light against a dark background. He paid particular attention to the details of his subjects' social and professional standings.

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