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DeanRusso_Artist Exhibition

DeanRusso_Artist  Exhibition

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1) Dean Russo works in a variety of mediums, including acrylic, mixed media, graphite and collage and prefers to work on canvas.

2) His art is owned by clients worldwide. He is kept busy with commissions as well as painting for competitions, gallery shows and his own portfolio.

3) "My greatest inspirations: art and animals. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I am inspired by the urban landscape that surrounds me. It envelops my work, as it represents my life."

4) "Painted walls peeling after years of neglect brought to life by murals and graffiti that cogitates my art making process."

5) "I am often inspired by the abandoned and the lost and I can find solace in bringing it to life through my work."

6) "My greatest inspirations: art and animals. The eyes are perhaps the most important element in a piece; they hold every part of the subject characteristics."

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