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1) Anna Maria Elisabeth Lisinska Jerichau-Baumann, born in Warsaw, Congress Poland on November 21, 1819 to July 11, 1881 (age 61), was a Polish-Danish painter.

2) At nineteen, she began her studies at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf which at the time was one of the most important art centers in Europe and her early subject matter was drawn from Slovak life.

3) After she moved to Rome, her paintings were primarily of local life. She had great success abroad & had a special following in France where she was represented twice at the World Fair in Paris.

4) Being a woman, she was able to gain access to the harems of the Ottoman Empire & as a result was able to paint scenes of harem life from personal observation, in contrast to most artists of the time.

5) Her work from this period is sometimes decorative & frequently sentimental but with a fine sense of color and lighting. The sensualism were considered taboo in parts of Europe & the Danish art world.

6) Until recently, her paintings were kept in museum storerooms in Denmark. She wrote two books about her life: Youthful Memories (1874) and Motley Travel Pictures (1881).

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