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1) Hans Market, born in Salzburg, Austria on May 28, 1840 to October 3, 1884 (age 44), was a 19th-century Austrian academic history painter, designer, and decorator.

2) He is best known for his influence on Gustav Klimt and other Austrian artists, but was considered an important artist himself & a celebrity figure in the high culture of Vienna.

3) The "Makartstil", which determined the culture of an entire era in Vienna, was an aestheticism the likes of which hadn't been seen before him and has not been replicated to this day.

4) Called the "magician of colors," he painted in brilliant colors and fluid forms, which placed the design & the aesthetic of the work before all else. Paintings were of historical motifs.

5) Often to heighten the strength of his colors he introduced asphalt into his paint, which has led to some deterioration in his paintings over the years. He later developed virtuoso draughtsmanship.

6) Some have also suggested that primacy of sexual symbolism in Art Nouveau artworks were influenced by the sensuality in many of Makart's paintings.

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