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1) Hendrick Goltzius, January or February 1558 to 1 January 1617 (age 58-59), was a German-born Dutch printmaker, draftsman, and painter.

2) He was the leading Dutch engraver of the early Baroque period, or Northern Mannerism, lauded for his sophisticated technique, technical mastership and "exuberance" of his compositions.

3) He "was the last professional engraver who drew with the authority of a good painter and the last who invented many pictures for others to copy". In his mid-life, he began to produce paintings.

4) He had a malformed right hand from a fire when he was a baby, which turned out to be especially well-suited to holding the burin. It allowed him to master a commanding swing of line in art.

5) The burin is manipulated to make lines thicker or thinner to create a tonal effect from a distance. He was also a pioneer of "dot and lozenge" technique, which creates cross-hatching for tonal shading

6) His portraits, though mostly miniatures, are masterpieces of their kind, both had exquisite finish. Hollstein credits 388 prints to him, with a further 574 by other printmakers after his designs.

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