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1) Hilma af Klint, born on Karlberg Palace in October 26, 1862 to October 21, 1944 (aged 81), was a Swedish artist & mystic whose paintings are considered among the first abstract works known in the West

2) A considerable body of her work predates the first purely abstract compositions by Kandinsky, Malevich and Mondrian. Her paintings were a visual representation of complex spiritual ideas.

3) She belonged to a group called "The Five", comprising a circle of women inspired by Theosophy: belief in the importance of trying to contact the so-called "High Masters," often by way of seances.

4) The collection of abstract paintings of af Klint includes more than 1200 pieces. It is owned and managed by the Hilma af Klint Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden.

5) In 2017, Norwegian architectural firm Snohetta presented plans for an exhibition center dedicated to af Klint in Jarna, south of Stockholm, with estimated building costs of 6 to 7.5 million euros.

6) In her will, she left all her abstract paintings to her nephew, vice-admiral Erik of the Royal Swedish Navy. She specified that her work should be kept secret for at least 20 years after her death.

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