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1) Jacopo Robusti (aka Tintoretto), born in Venice, Republic of Venice on late September or early October 1518 to May 31, 1594 (age 75), was an Italian painter identified with the Venetian school.

2) His contemporaries both admired and criticized the speed with which he painted, and the unprecedented boldness of his brushwork. He was termed Il Furioso ("The Furious").

3) His work is characterized by his muscular figures, dramatic gestures and bold use of perspective, in the Mannerist style. It emphasizes the energy of human bodies in motion to heighten the drama.

4) His only formal apprenticeship was in the studio of Titian, who angrily dismissed him after only a few days, potentially out of jealousy. Tintoretto gained experience later by working with artisans.

5) Between 1565 and 1567, and again from 1575 to 1588, Tintoretto produced a large number of paintings for the walls and ceilings of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.

6) In 2019, honoring the anniversary of his birth, the National Gallery of Art, Washington, in cooperation with the Gallerie dell'Accademia organized a traveling exhibit with over 50 paintings/works.

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