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1) Jamil Naqsh (25 December 1939 to 16 May 2019) was a British Pakistani painter who lived a reclusive life in London from 2012 until his death.

2) He briefly studied at National College of Arts but left before obtaining a degree. His work has been described as idealized and sensual.

3) Naqsh trained as a miniaturist under former National College of Arts professor Ustaad Haji Sharif in Lahore beginning in 1953.

4) He left the National College of Arts without completing his degree as he felt it was the experience not the qualification that was important. He left Pakistan in 2012 and settled in London.

5) He painted women, often integrating them with the elements of horses, pigeons or children. He grew up seeing pigeons flutter around in his courtyard; thus, much of his work included pigeons.

6) On 7 May 2019, due to pneumonia, Naqsh was admitted to St Mary Hospital in London, where he died nine days later at the age of 79.

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