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1) John William Godward, born in Wimbledon, England, on August 9 1861 to December 13 1922 (age 61), was an English painter from the end of the Neo-Classicist era.

2) He was a protege of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, but his style of painting fell out of favor with the rise of modern art. The overbearing attitude of his parents made him reclusive & shy later on.

3) He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1887. When he moved to Italy with one of his models in 1912, his family broke off all contact with him and even cut his image from family pictures.

4) He committed suicide at the age of 61 and is said to have written in his suicide note that "the world is not big enough for [both] myself and a Picasso".

5) The vast majority of Godward's extant images feature women in Classical dress posed against landscape features, although there are some semi-nude and fully nude figures included in his oeuvre.

6) He quickly established a reputation and his ability to convey with sensitivity and technical mastery the feel of contrasting textures, flesh, marble, fur and fabrics.

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