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1) John F. Kennedy was born into a rich, politically connected Boston family of Irish-Catholics.He and his eight siblings enjoyed a privileged childhood. He was assassinated in Dallas November 22, 1963.

2) Kennedy was the youngest person elected US president and the first Roman Catholic to serve in that office.

3) For many observers, his presidency came to represent the ascendance of youthful idealism in the aftermath of World War II.

4) The promise of this energetic and telegenic leader was not to be fulfilled, as he was assassinated near the end of his third year in office.

5) The public murder of President Kennedy remains one of the most traumatic events in memory; countless Americans can remember exactly where they were when they heard that he was killed.

6) His shocking death stood at the forefront of a period of political and social instability in the country and the world.

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7) John Kennedy presidency was plagued by many international crisis including the Bay of Pigs, Berlin Wall, and Cuba Missiles Crisis.

8) The Bay of Pigs operation involved the support of 1,500 anti-Castro Cuban refugees landed at Bahia de Cochinos that were devastated by Castro forces in 1961.

9) In mid-August 1961, the Soviets and East Germans constructed a wall separating East and West Berlin, providing the Cold War with its most tangible incarnation of the cold war.

10) By the fall of 1962,Khrushchev ordered a secret deployment of long-range nuclear missiles to Cuba along with a force of 42,000 Soviet troops and other associated conventional and atomic weaponry.

11) Kennedy eventually chose a blockade, or quarantine, of Cuba, backed up by the threat of imminent military action.

12) Khrushchev would order the withdrawal of offensive missiles, and Kennedy would promise not to invade Cuba; Kennedy also secretly promised to withdraw American ballistic nuclear missiles in Turkey.



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