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1) John Quincy Adams was the eldest son of President John Adams and the sixth president of the United States.

2) Adams was very well educated. The young Adams studied in Paris, Amsterdam, Leyden, and the Hague, earning his bachelor degree from Harvard College in 1787.

3) He became a lawyer without going to law school. Though he did earn a master degree from Harvard in 1790, Adams completed his legal education as an apprentice to the great Theophilus Parsons,

4) He formulate Monroe doctrine. which declared that any European attempt to colonize or interfere with the Americas would be viewed as a direct threat to the safety of the United States

5) nd worthy of intervention. Adams lost a brutal reelection campaign to Andrew Jackson. Just a few years later, he became the only ex-President to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

6) Sadly, he suffered a stroke on the House floor and died not long after. At age 78, Adams suffered a stroke while on the House floor.



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