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1) Julius LeBlanc Stewart, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 6, 1855 to January 4, 1919 (age 63), was an American artist who spent his career in Paris.

2) Julius studied under Eduardo Zamacois as a teenager, under Jean-Leon Gerome at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, and later was a pupil of Raymondo de Madrazo.

3) His father was an art collector & early patron of Fortuny & Barbizon artists. His family wealth enabled him to live a lush expatriate life & paint what he pleased, often large-scaled group portraits.

4) Subsequent group portraits depicted his friends, including actresses, celebrities & aristocrats, often with a self-portrait somewhere. He helped organize the 'American in Paris' of the 1894 Salon.

5) He painted a series of sailing pictures aboard James Gordon Bennett, Jr.'s yacht Namouna. One of the paintings, 'Yachting on the Mediterranean' (1896) was sold in 2005 for US $2.3 million.

6) Late in life, he turned to religious subjects, but Stewart is best remembered for his Belle Epoque society portraits and sensuous nudes.

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