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1) Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky, born in Moscow, Russian Empire on June 20, 1839 to September 17, 1915 (age 76), was an influential Russian painter, affiliated with the "Peredvizhniki (Wanderers)."

2) He entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at the age of 12, where he was influenced by teachers such as Vasily Tropinin and Karl Bryullov.

3) Many of his historical paintings, such as Beneath the Crown (1889) also known as The Russian Bride's Attire and Before the Wedding, showed an idealized view of Russian life of prior centuries.

4) He is often considered a representative of Academic art, even though he was a realist painter who opposed academic restrictions that existed in the art world at the time.

5) Later, he joined the Artel of Artists, a cooperative association founded by Ivan Kramskoi, whose members were realist artists that advocated for realistic depictions of the everyday life of old Russia

6) By the end of the century, Makovsky was one of the most respected and highly-paid Russian artists, regarded by some critics as the forerunner of Russian impressionism.

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