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1) Kuroda Seiki, born in Kagoshima, Japan on August 9, 1866 to July 15, 1924 (age 57), was a Japanese painter and teacher, noted for bringing Western art theory and practice to a wide Japanese audience.

2) He was among the leaders of the yoga (or Western-style) movement in late 19th & early 20th-century Japanese painting, and has come to be remembered in Japan as "the father of Western-style painting."

3) Kuroda went to Paris to study & met painters Yamamoto Hosui & Fuji Masazo, as well as art dealer Tadamasa Hayashi, a specialist in ukiyo-e. They urged him to paint to better help his country.

4) Soon after arriving back in Japan, Kuroda traveled to Kyoto for the first time in his life, and used plein-air techniques to depict famous local sights, such as geisha and ancient temples.

5) In April 1895, Kuroda submitted 'Morning Toilette" in the Fourth National Industrial Exhibition held in Kyoto. It was a controversy as many were outraged of a picture of a nude woman.

6) Two of Kuroda's works have been selected as the subject of a commemorative postage stamps by the Japanese government: "Lakeside" (1967 Philatelic Week ), and "Maiko" (1983 Modern Art Series).

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