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1) Born in 1452 in Vinci, Italy, Leonardo da Vinci focused on the laws of sciences and nature early in his life. This respect and knowledge allowed him to depict these things in his art work.

2) At the age of 14 Leonardo da Vinci worked as an apprentice to Verrocchio. During this six year period he learned several different techniques and technical skills.

3) DaVinci spent his life teaching art, painting, theorizing machines, while being commissioned by Italian Princes and French King.

4) The famous Mona Lisa was also a constant work in progress for Leonardo da Vinci; it was a piece he never quite finished, and was always trying to perfect.

5) The painting itself was never given to the commissioner who had hired him for the work, and was kept with him until his death. It is currently in the Louvre in Paris.

6) DaVinci have also left over 13,000 pages of notes documented his inventions, creations, observations, and drawings. Architecture and anatomy, designs for flying machines, plant studies.

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