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1) Lorenzo Monaco born in 1370 and died on 1425 was an Italian painter of the late Gothic-early Renaissance age.

2) He was apprenticed in Florence. He was influenced by Giotto and his followers Spinello Aretino and Agnolo Gaddi.

3) In 1390 he joined the Camaldolese monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli. He was thenceforth generally known as Lorenzo Monaco.

4) Starting from around 1404 his works show the influence of the International Gothic, of Lorenzo Ghiberti's earliest works and of Gherardo Starnina.

5) He is known to have painted the Coronation of the Virgin in 1414 which is a tempera on panel polyptych. Tempera is a permanent, fast-drying painting medium consisting of colored pigments.

6) Adoration of the Magi painted between 1420 and 1422, rejected the early Renaissance innovations introduced by artists such as Masaccio and Brunelleschi. He died of a tumor or gangrene.

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