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LuisRicardoFalero_Artist Exhibition

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1) Luis Ricardo Falero, born in Granada, Spain on May 23, 1851 to December 7, 1896 (age 45), was Duke of Labranzano and a Spanish painter.

2) He specialized in female nudes and mythological, orientalist and fantasy settings. His most common medium was oil on canvas. His collections are mostly within private collections in Europe & the U.S.

3) He originally pursued a career in the Spanish Navy, but gave it up to his parents' disappointment. He travelled on foot to Paris, where he studied art, chemistry and mechanical engineering.

4) He was a student of Gabriel Ferrier. After Paris, he studied in London, where he eventually settled. Also had an interest in astronomy & incorporated celestial constellations into many of his works.

5) His knowledge and interest in astronomy led him to illustrate the works of Camille Flammarion. In 1896, the year of his death, Maud Harvey sued Falero for paternity.

6) She won the case and was awarded five shillings per week in support of their child. Falero died at University College Hospital, London, at the age of 45.

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