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1) He was a teacher. He taught in a largely Mexican-American school in the south Texas town of Cotulla, where he was known for his energy, dedication and encouragement of his underprivileged students.

2) On November 27, 1963, Lyndon B. Johnson addressed a joint session of Congress, calling on them to honor the martyred Kennedy memory by passing the major civil rights bill that was stalled.

3) Johnson was an unlikely champion for civil rights who signed the most sweeping piece of civil rights legislation since Reconstruction.

4) He spearheaded legislation creating Medicare and Medicaid, expanding Social Security, making the food stamps program permanent and establishing Job Corps, and the VISTA program.

5) The war in Vietnam drove Johnson into depression, and brought his presidency to an undistinguished end. Johnson vastly increased the number of U.S. troops in Vietnam and expanded their mission.

6) By 1967, Johnson popularity had plummeted, while the massive cost of war threatened his Great Society programs and spurred inflation. He died in January 1973, after suffering another heart attack.



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