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1) The Kuna call themselves Dule/Tule or Guna. With approx. 60.000 members the Kuna represent the biggest indigenous group in Panama.

2) While the Kuna who settled in Panama City often work as cooks or unskilled workers, the Kuna in the traditional communities are still engaged in agriculture, fishing, and trading with coconuts.

3) As an inspiration for their designs the Kuna first used the geometric patterns which have been used for body painting in ancient times. At the beginning of the 20th century

4) when the Panamanian government attempted to forbid the Kuna customs, their language and their traditional dress, a huge wave of resistance arose.

5) This resistance culminated in the Kuna revulution of 1925. The old traditional geometric designs of the body painting are still used in contemporary Mola.

6) In the past 50 years the Kuna also started to depict realistic and abstract designs of flowers, animals and humans.

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