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NickKuchar_Artist Exhibition

NickKuchar_Artist Exhibition

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NickKuchar_Artist Exhibition

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1) Nick Kuchar is one of Hawaii most sought-after artists. His work is everywhere and can be described as mid-century modern meets tiki industrial chic.

2) He consistently captures the spirit of the islands by animating snapshots of Hawaii as we imagined it was and hope it will always be.

3) Nick work feels both modern and vintage at the same time. It challenges the sentiments by evoking a feeling of nostalgia while colliding with the present and the future.

4) His work would dually look right at home in a poster under a cinema marquee in the forties as it would in a sleek modern office.

5) Nick credits all of his success to his wife, who he claims is less risk averse than he is. There is no air of artistic snobbery about him.

6) They help serve meals at the IHS homeless shelter and partner with several other humanitarian and focused charities in their community.

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