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NicolaeTonitza_Artist Exhibition

NicolaeTonitza_Artist Exhibition

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1) Nicolae Tonitza, born in Barlad, Kingdom of Romania on April 13, 1886 to February 27, 1940 (age 53), was a Romanian painter, engraver, lithographer, journalist and art critic.

2) Drawing inspiration from Post-impressionism and Expressionism, he had a major role in introducing modernist guidelines to local art. In 1908, he attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

3) Most of his works are serene in tones, in contrast with those expressing his involvement in social issues. It proposed a classical aesthetical ideal, viewing art as a treasurer of spiritual values.

4) His commitment to social commentary is best perceivable in his graphic work, malicious & sometimes dramatical. He sketched for many contemporary, usually political & leftist, magazines.

5) In 1916, he was drafted into war, where he became ill with malaria and rheumatism. In 1921, he expanded his range, painting prototypes for a ceramics factory, and organizing a ceramics exhibition.

6) His early association with socialism was due to the leftist press willing to reward his contributions when he could not live solely by painting. He fell severely ill in 1937 & died 3 years later.

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