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1) Ogata Gekko, born in Edo on 1859 to 1 October 1920 (age 61), was a Japanese artist best known as a painter and a designer of ukiyo-e woodblock prints.

2) He was self-taught in art, and began decorating porcelain, rickshaws, and designing flyers for the pleasure quarters. His early style shows the influence of the painter Kikuchi Yosai.

3) In 1881, he took the surname Ogata at the insistence of a descendant of the painter Ogata Korin. He soon was designing prints and illustrating books and newspapers.

4) From the 1890s, Gekko won a number of art prizes, both national and international. He was one of the earliest Japanese artists to win international attention.

5) He was inspired by Hokusai, creating a series of one hundred prints of Mount Fuji. However, he did develop his own style, with significant stylistic elements from nihonga.

6) Artwork informed the Japanese about the progress of naval and land war known as the First Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895; published 46 works in 48 publications in 2 languages & 68 library holdings.

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