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1) Pierre Daura, February 21, 1896 to January 1, 1976 (age 80), was a Catalan artist. In Paris, in 1914, his French identity papers were issued with Pierre as his given name, known as Pere from Catalan.

2) Daura received his art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona, known as "La Llotja". His teachers included Jose Ruiz y Blasco (Pablo Picasso's father) and Josep Calvo.

3) At age 14, he set up a studio and sold his first painting at his inaugural exhibition to the Catalan artist and collector Eduard Pascual Monturiol, who said it reminded him of Paul Cezanne's work.

4) In 1914, Calvo urged Daura to go to Paris to pursue his art career. He worked in the studio of Emile Bernard, became his friend for many years. Later, he studied engraving under Andre Lambert.

5) In 1923, whilst painting a mural in Normandy, the scaffolding collapsed. He was badly injured and his left hand became permanently useless because of nerve damage.

6) Although the main body of Daura's work was strongly rooted in representation and the celebration of nature, he returned to abstract themes throughout his life.

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