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1) Richard Nixon, born January 9, 1913, Yorba Linda, California and died April 22, 1994 in New Yor was the 37th president of the United States 1969 to 1974, who resigned facing Watergate scandal.

2) His administration committed atrocities in Vietnam and orchestrated a violent coup in Chile, he did make one important contribution to peace, he was the president who finally ended the draft.

3) Richard Nixon got the ball rolling for cancer research that is associated with nowdays lower death just in time for Christmas 1971, signing into law the National Cancer Act on the 23rd of December.

4) He uncoupled the dollar from the Bretton Woods exchange system, essentially eliminating the link between the dollar and gold.

5) You could have been sent to Vietnam to die without ever being allowed a say in who ran the country. That all changed with the 26th Amendment, a law Nixon not only signed but championed all the way.

6) According to The New York Times, closet-racist Nixon probably did more for desegregation than all previous administrations combined, and he did it without sending the country spiraling into civil war.



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