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1) Robert Henri, born in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 24, 1865 to July 12, 1929 (age 64), was an American painter and teacher.

2) As a young man, he studied in Paris, where he identified strongly with the Impressionists, and was determined to lead an even more dramatic revolt against American academic art.

3) Together with a small team of enthusiastic followers, he pioneered the Ashcan School of American realism, depicting urban life in an uncompromisingly brutalist style.

4) By the time of the Armory Show, America's first large-scale introduction to European Modernism (1913), he was mindful that his own representational technique was being made to look dated by Cubism.

5) During the summers of 1916, 1917 & 1922, he went to Santa Fe, New Mexico to paint. He became an important figure & persuaded the director of the state art museum to adopt an open-door exhibit policy.

6) The National Arts Club in New York City is home to the Robert Henri Library which includes artwork and a number of scrapbooks belonging to Henri. He became an Artist Life Member of the Club in 1913.

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