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1) Ross served at Bangalore, British India, in 1883, as an Acting Garrison Surgeon. It was during his stay there that he found a way to control the breeding of mosquitos

2) Ross is known for his invaluable contribution to the field of Malariology, where he has found the cause of the disease, the nature of the parasite, and has identified the species of mosquito involved.

3) In 1902, Ross was awarded the 'Nobel Prize for Medicine' for his extraordinary research on the causes and effects of malaria.

4) The Nobel Prize for pioneering work on malaria was supposed to be shared between the English doctor and Italian physician, Giovanni Battista Grassi.

5) However, disagreement ensued between the two scientists, and Robert Koch, a part of the awarding committee decided that Ross was the winner.

6) Several roads, in Calcutta, Secunderabad, and UK have been named as a tribute to this physician. He died on September 16, 1932, after suffering from asthma and other medical ailments.



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