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RosalbaCarriera_Artist Exhibition

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1) Rosalba Carriera, 12 January 1673 to 15 April 1757 (age 84), was a Venetian Rococo painter. In her younger years, she specialized in portrait miniatures. She was able to build a career because of this

2) Carriera would later become known for her pastel work, a medium appealing to Rococo styles for its soft edges and flattering surfaces. Remembered as one of the most successful women artists of any era

3) Her mother taught her the art of lace making, but the artworks she became famous for were a result of her own self learning. Received instruction in oil technique from the painter Giuseppe Diamantini.

4) Her influence spread widely among many. In 1720, she provided King Louis XV with a portrait that completed the transition from the previously accepted style of the court.

5) She revolutionized the world of technology by binding colored chalk into sticks, which led to the development of a much wider range of prepared colors. This expanded the usefulness of pastel medium.

6) Known for dragging the sides of white chalk across an under-drawing of darker tones to capture the shimmering texture of lace & satin & highlight facial features and the soft cascades of powdered hair

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