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1) Wassim Tabbara was born in the year 1943, He passed away on the 24th of September 2005 as a result of a Heart Attack.

2) Wassim Tabbara studied Electronics in the United States. When he returned to Lebanon in 1965 work in television in Lebanon.

3) Wassim Tabbara was the first to launch the hidden camera program in Lebanon and the Arab world in the early sixties on Television. He also hosted Studio El Fan in the year 1972.

4) In the year 1973, Wassim started his own production of plays for his wife, the legendary singer, Sabaah. He produced for her plays such as Set El Kol, Shahr Asal, Helweh Kteer.

5) He produced many Comical Plays and short TV productions with Mohamad Chebaro. He liked computers, internet and gardening. His house in Kafr Habbab, included flowers of rare species of birds.

6) Before he passed away in 2005, Wassim Tabbara was preparing for a new play titled Helles Meles with the story revolving around the latest developments of UN investigator Detlev Mehlis.



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