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1) Shin Yun bok, better known by his pen name Hyewon (1758 to 1813), was a Korean painter of the Joseon Dynasty. He is remembered today as one of the "Three Wons" of Joseon-period painting.

2) Despite being greatly influenced and overshadowed by Kim Hong-do during his career, he developed his own unique technique and artistry. He is known foremost for his genre paintings of the Joseon era.

3) Whereas Kim depicted everyday life of peasants with a humorous touch, Shin showed glimpses of eroticism in his paintings of townspeople and gisaeng.

4) His choice of characters, composition, and painting method differed from Kim's, with use of bright colors and delicate paint strokes. He influenced many other painters afterwards.

5) He also painted scenes of shamanism and townlife, offering insight to lifestyle and costumes of the late Joseon era. He placed short verse and his seal on most of his paintings, but no date nor time.

6) His album, Hyewon Pungsokhwacheop, contains 30 of his paintings and was designated the 135th National Treasure of South Korea in 1970.

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